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The group was formed in 2000 with the help of Greenlight Trust
Marnham Committee:
Debra Alldis................Chair/Secretary
Fiorella (Fi) Williams....................Ranger
Alex Hutcheson........Treasurer
Martin Smith
David Demetriou
Ann Bell
Tim Garner


They helped with the initial planning and starting the community group.


Ealing Rangers plays a big part in the running and planting, without their expert help and advice, tools, gloves health and safty talks, we would have never started the woodland.


Working with schools...

We think it is so important to work with children, to help them start a tree nursery at school, plant the acorns, watch them grow into sapplings then plant them in the woodland.
To continue to look after their trees, incourage them to keep coming back to help and design the structure of the woodland. Make bird boxes and put them on the trees when they get a little bigger.
The possabilities are endless.
To make the children know they are apart of the park they will play in and so look after it, when they are older they are going to take their children to visit.


Planted by the community and the Ealing Ranger Team
in the Northolt and Greenford Countryside Park